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Helping to form a Complete Student-Athlete

A 501(c)3 non-profit organization.

East San Jose Futbol Club 

1. Athletic Component: Establish a first class training, and learning environment using licensed coaches to direct the soccer academy, and the competitive travel team using guidance from the US Soccer Federation Youth Programs as the training model.

2. Academic Component: Establish an educational support system where the student athlete can seek further assistance in maintaining, or increasing their educational status so that they can further pursue a higher level of education post high school, with specific emphasis in sciences and engineering coursework.

3. Parent/Guardian Support: Establish a support system for parents/guardians of the student athletes to further support the student athlete in their home environment to ensure that the academic and athletic components are supported. This may include financial, spiritual, or other forms of support to ensure that the student athlete maintains a positive and healthy mental attitude as established during their training and educational support phases.

4. Social / Peer: Establish a support system for the student athlete to embrace and use as leverage against the peer pressure encountered on a day to day basis that influences and promotes negative behavior towards self and others in the community.